Astronaut Academy is the ultimate space station school of the future! Students can study rocket science, anti-gravity gymnastics, competitive fireball throwing, strategic randomness, and other stuff (not listed here). Since humanity has evolved and everyone has 2-8 extra hearts, children (and bunnies) lead hyper-kinetic lives, filled with advanced education, amplified emotions, acute self-awareness, and lots of run-on sentences. READ A PREVIEW...

Astronaut Academy News

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    As a valentine to all the sweet readers of Astronaut Academy, I’ve drawn this comic page about what Doug Hiro gets up to when he’s not in school and has to spend time at his parent’s house. With the exception of the 2-pager I drew for HPA’s Fiction Kitchen Author Cookbook, it’s the first Astronaut Academy comic I’ve drawn since 2013! And the rare one in full-color. Want to see more? Stranger things could happen…


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    Over the years I’ve done a ton of random drawings of the characters from the Astronaut Academy books. So I figured I’d start going through the hard drive and posting some here from time to time. Here’s one of Hakata Soy using his sonic blaster.


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    Finally, it can be revealed! How Maribelle Mellonbelly makes her favorite dessert: Cupshakes!

    It’s been almost three years since I last drew any of the Astronaut Academy characters. That’s way too long! So I am working on a brand new short story with Miyumi and Maribelle for Fiction Kitchen Author Cookbook! 

    This cookbook includes recipes - some real, and some really only for entertainment - from some of our favorite authors and creators, including Hank Green, Laurie Halse Anderson, Mara Wilson, Jonathan Scalzi, Dave Roman, Sarah McCarry, NaNoWriMo, Mercedes Lackey, and more! Includes a one-year Friends of the Apparating Library membership.

    The only way to get it is as an incentive for supporting the Harry Potter Alliance’s wonderful Apparating Library initiative. 

    So go donate to the IndieGoGo campaign (there’s only a few hours left!), get awesome swag including new Astronaut Academy material!  Build a library, fight for libraries, and celebrate literacy all over the world!


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    New Teen Boat book available for pre-order! I’m really proud of this book and can’t wait for you to read it!


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    Had a great time at the Learning Lamp Children’s Book Festival in Johnstown, PA. A really fun event that left me feeling inspired to work on new books!


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