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January 6th, 2013

More cameos of musicians who inspire me in the background. In Panel 1 are Kim Baxter and Jen Sbragia from All Girl Summer Fun Band, who are always on my Astronaut Academy playlist.

Panel 4 is Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero, and Mikey Way (who is kind of cut off) from My Chemical Romance. Gerard and I went to School of Visual Arts together, so I often have the same feelings as Hakata does in this scene. Whenever I hear My Chemical Romance or see one of their music videos, it’s really empowering. Seeing how much Gerard throws himself into his art is always inspiring, and the fact that he’s been able to connect with so many people through his music is a great reminder that the far out dreams we have as kids can manifest into amazing things.

So, finally Hakata is inspired and ready to be happy!

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  1. Santiago says:

    That’s a great message right there on the fourth/fifth panels

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