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January 16th, 2013

How great are late night conversations?

Tak’s tendency to compare things to toasty bread is the result of growing up with parents who are bakers, who make some of the most delicious bread in the galaxy. Although to be fair, I also compare most great things to bread and was not raised in a bakery.

Most of Astronaut Academy was lettered with a font based on my handwriting (thanks to my pal, John Green). But sometimes, like in panel 4 when characters speak in a spooky voice, I hand-letter it so it has a more organic, non-uniform feel. I use a Hunts 107 pen nib (which are getting harder and harder to find) and black Speedball India ink.

Why is Thalia Thistle speaking in a spooky voice, anyway? More tomorrow!

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  1. Justea says:

    Heheh, tak has cute pajama pants! Thalia sure is acting strange! Like she’s somebody else!

  2. Santiago says:

    Thanks for the lettering info, Dave. And just wondering, how do you illustrate Astronaut Academy? Brush and Ink?

  3. Dave Roman Dave Roman says:

    Hey Santiago. Thanks for all the great comments. I use Speedball India ink with a combination of Windsor Newton Series 7 brushes. Usually sizes 0 and 00. And I use plate/smooth 500 series Bristol paper.

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