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January 31st, 2013

Growing up, I worried about classmates reading my mind all the time! What if the kid next to me had ESP? Should I try and fake them out with intentionally confusing thoughts? When writing X-Men: Misfits, I included several scenes inspired by this psychic paranoia (sample below). Being in a school run by Professor X, you have to be on your guard!

Bit of an info dump here, as Miyumi refers back to Book 1, when she was given a time-stopping watch by SeƱor Panda, who is a secret agent on the look out for strange emotional behavior in the school. She used that watch to save the life of Maliik Mehendale, who has become infatuated with her ever since.

Kitty vs. Professor X
X-Men ESP 1

Kitty vs. Iceman
X-Men ESP 2

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