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February 12th, 2013

Just like Thalia Thistle, Rodney Blueblatt is a character who hasn’t gotten to be the star of his own chapter until now. We’ll get to know all of the team members of the Chibi Sesame Seeds a lot better this semester since the Fireball Championship is coming soon! Fireball can be a dangerous sport, so as team captain, Rodney has to make sure everyone is ready to compete. It’s a lot of pressure, especially when strange things keep happening around him. More on that to come…

Rodney’s name is a nod to Rodney Greenblatt, one of my favorite artists, who is probably best known for creating the videogame character Parappa the Rapper. I’ve got a ton of his art all over my apartment and it always inspires creativity and fun!

Star Burger is a popular restaurant chain that sets up an express station within the school. Contrary to nasty rumors, the burgers are not made of stars, but an enterprising cluster of stars in fact owns the business.

Rodney Greenblatt art

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  1. Tjackson20 says:

    I’ve been wondering… When the book comes out, will this website be deleted?

  2. Dave Roman Dave Roman says:

    My publisher has asked that I take down like 80% of the comic pages but I will be keeping the site itself up and running. I plan to keep blogging and adding new content for the rest of the year at least!

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