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March 8th, 2013

Guys, just like Marcos Stamatis, I’m a pretty big fan of Depeche Mode! They’ve recorded so many great albums over the years that I still listen to on a frequent basis. It’s hard to pick favorite albums, but Black Celebration, Violator, and Songs of Faith and Devotion are up there for sure. I even really like their recent albums, Playing the Angel and Sounds of the Universe, a whole lot. Haven’t heard much of their newest album yet, but I’ll be picking it up for sure!


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  1. Tjackson20 says:

    Hooray for Marcos! Finally someone talks to him!

  2. Tjackson20 says:

    Wait… What if it’s the heart stealing monster again! OH NO!

  3. Tjackson20 says:

    Marcos is reading ‘enjoy the silence’. I love the details you put in!
    I wish I could edit my comments to add extra things, because otherwise I just end up posting tons of comments.

  4. Tjackson20 says:

    Whoa! It says that the video contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in my country! AARRGH! (I love living in Korea anyway)

  5. Santiago says:

    I don’t remember if anyone else commented about how amazing the idea of using short chapters is, and quite a feat in itself to be able to get into so many characters’ point of views.

    And between Depeche Mode and TMBG, I must say you’ve got great music taste too, Dave! :)

  6. Dave Roman Dave Roman says:

    Sorry about the international limits put on the youtube video! I’m sure the song and/or video can be found elsewhere online if you really want to hear it. Not that it really has anything to do with Astronaut Academy, I just like it!

    Actually, if I was going to pick a recent song by Depeche Mode to specifically be on an Astronaut Academy soundtrack, it should probably be “Spacewalker”

    I like this fan video featuring shots of the cosmos:

    The perfect theme for Doug Hiro!

  7. Tjackson20 says:

    I have recently become a huge fan of portal, so here is a nice video for space.

  8. Tjackson20 says:

    here is another one.

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