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April 5th, 2013

Two pages today! Enjoy page 125 & 126-


The detention cells obviously reference a certain classic George Lucas movie. But the energy field they are floating in is also a homage to Yars’ Revenge (see blog post a few weeks back!).

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  1. piggywiggy says:

    COME ON! why did the bears have to come in at JUST THE WRONG TIME!?

  2. piggywiggy says:

    i love star wars references!

  3. seth2039 says:

    Who be Melora?

  4. Erick Reilly says:

    @piggywiggy The THX 1138 isn’t a Star Wars reference; it’s a reference to George Lucas’s movie, “THX 1138″. I’ve never seen it, but I know the premise of it is that love is outlawed and that the government keeps an eye on everyone to make sure they don’t do anything… romantic.

  5. piggywiggy says:

    yeah…just saw that. see last page. oops : ( (i really need to start catching up on these things…) Thanks for the summary though!

    • Erick Reilly says:

      No prob! Though now that I think of it, I think the number 1138 is used somewhere in the original Star Wars trilogy. I’m not 100% sure where it’s said. I think it’s in A New Hope.

  6. Dave Roman says:

    Yep, the THX 1138 pops up in a lot of Lucas films including A New Hope during the prison break scene. :)

  7. piggywiggy says:

    so it WAS a star wars reference

  8. piggywiggy says:

    i wish the tardis would show up in movie… : (

  9. piggywiggy says:


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