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April 22nd, 2013

THREE PAGE Update Today!
Go back to page 152 for tense Fireball play by play!

***Are you keeping track of the points? Don’t worry Mr. Taketo Sky is doing that for you.

It’s hard to read the small type, but Tak is reading books about Distraction Techniques. Also there’s a Transformers Generation 1 character nod on this page.

Fireball reference photo 1

One of the reasons I set Astronaut Academy in the far off future is so that I could just make everything up! I could decide how complicated things did or didn’t look. If I don’t want to draw noses or horses…I don’t have to! But with the Fireball Championship I knew I had to push myself to make it exciting and ended up taking photo reference in my backyard to help with the poses!

Fireball Sport reference

Fireball Ref 2

My wife Raina gets in on the action too!

Fireball Raina

Fireball Dave

Fireball Dave 2

5 Responses

  1. Santiago says:

    Nice action shots! :)

  2. piggywiggy says:


    • piggywiggy says:

      or even better…
      my name is hakata soy.
      you kicked me out of kindergarten.
      prepare to die…

      • Dave Roman Dave Roman says:

        You just totally won the internet with that comment.
        I’m literally reading the original Princess Bride book for the first time (love the movie) and just finished the scene where Inigo says that line for the first time and we get to read about how cool his father really was! So super funny timing! 😀

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