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April 25th, 2013

THREE PAGE Update Today!
What is going on? What did I miss? Good questions!

Head back to page 158 to see the stuff that leads up to this crazy turn of events!

As we get closer & closer to Astronaut Academy Day, I hope you don’t mind me beating the drum for all the promotional stuff I have going on! I really appreciate any and all help in spreading the excitement!

Keep your eyes peeled for the new book trailer I’ll be debuting soon!

If you want a signed copy of either Book 1 or Book 2 the pre-order special from WORD is up now! I’ll personalize and draw in every copy ordered. They make great gifts for friends, teachers, librarians, space heroes, you name it!

AA Word promo

AA Day banner

7 Responses

  1. piggywiggy says:

    dinosaurs? :)

  2. piggywiggy says:

    safety bears are looking panicked!


  3. Erick Reilly says:

    I see Maribelle remembered her cute hat this time!

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