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May 2nd, 2013

MULT-PAGE Update Today!
Head back to page 171 to see the pages you missed & find out what lead to this explosive outcome!

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Music for today’s installment provided by Shonen Knife!

If you guys haven’t already checked out the G-Man comic series by Chris Giarrusso (see photo above), I highly recommend it!

G-Man photo

The 3rd book “Coming Home” was just released yesterday and if it’s anything like the first two volumes, it is guaranteed to be beyond hilarious! These are the kinds of books you can not read while eating cereal (my favorite way to read comics) because you will certainly shoot milk through your nose!

I hope G-Man and his friends can team up with the Astronaut Academy gang for some big crazy awesome adventure someday! Till then the books will just have to hang out on the shelf together.

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  1. Zach the Best says:

    I WAS RIGHT!!!!

  2. piggywiggy says:


    it was hilarious!

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