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March 27th, 2013


Maribelle’s chapter starts HERE on PAGE 106!

Tomorrow will be the last of the single page updates, and then it’ll pretty much be multi-page updates till the finale! That’s because my publisher has asked me to wrap things up before May 14th, which is the release of the Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry book! To help celebrate, my pal Jerzy Drozd has organized the official Astronaut Academy Day!

By helping share the love of Astronaut Academy you will be entered to win some awesome comics, art and other prizes! Details on how to play along here:

I appreciate all your help spreading the word and hope you get some cool stuff along the way!

AA Day image

AA day banner

6 Responses

  1. seth2039 says:

    How many more pages are there that you have to start rushing to be done before May 14th?

  2. Tjackson20 says:

    It would be cool to have a heart meter. Is this ‘Astronaut Academy Day’ taking place online or somewhere inaccessible to people in Korea?

  3. Blaze22b says:

    I just wanna say I’m a huge fan and I love your Astronaut Academy work Mr. Roman

  4. Dave Roman Dave Roman says:

    Seth: The book is about 180 pages total.

    Astronaut Academy Day is international as far as I know! My friend is the one organizing it. :)

  5. piggywiggy says:

    I agree w/ blaze! : )

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