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January 6th, 2013

When I started drawing this scene, I decided that Hakata’s hair would actually flop down and lose its spirit, since Hakata had reached his lowest point.
In the background there’s a juice vendor. As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, but loves live music, I wish more rock clubs served fresh fruit juices! In this case, the Sock Factory serves juice in hollowed out fruit with straws. Attentive readers from Book 1 will remember that according to the flyer, apple juice is complimentary!

Also in the background are Paul and Joe DeGeorge of the wizard rock band Harry and the Potters, friends of mine who are a great source of inspiration because of their fun music and DIY ethics.

There’s a poster for the headline act Lee of the Stone, which we never get to see perform, because the chapter ends too soon! The title of the band is a reference to the place Mrs. Brisby must move her home to in The Secret of NIMH.

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    I am a fan of anyone with an awesome hat like that!

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